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Covid-19: Our Response

We’re diving deep into the current opportunities and applying our creativity to the new realities. Here are some of our offerings.

Useful Tools

Many museums are wondering how digital technologies might offer long-term solutions for audience engagement. We are writing a series of white papers to help them understand their options and determine how to allocate their valuable resources. Please check this page for new and updated materials.


Interactive Museum Media: Camera & Gesture Interaction
In this report, Producer Tim Boutelle dives deeper into options for touchless, camera-based interactive exhibits. Based heavily on our previous experience, it provides a primer on the available technologies and a rundown of technical and visitor experience considerations.

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The Future of Interactive Media in a Post Pandemic World
Greg Sprick, Director of Technology, wrote this paper early in the crisis to help our clients understand their options upon reopening. It provides a general framework for no- or minimal-touch solutions for in-gallery interactives.

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Delightful Diversions

Take a Zoom-mini tour through some of our favorite spots at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

We’re working with NMNH to translate our exhibit media to the web. In the meantime, pretend you’re already there with these zoom backgrounds!

We’re sharing our #hometownpride with these themed zoom backgrounds

Change up your work-from-home space with these classic shots — hand-colored and animated by our graphic designers — of our hometown, Boston.

Turn your virtual conference into an ’80s dance party

Designed by our illustrators, these playful zoom backgrounds add a colorful pop on your conference grid.