Biomuseo / Panama City, Panama

RLMG created 13 media experiences for the recently opened Biomuseo (Museum of Biodiversity) in Panama City, Panama. Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the museum is the first of its kind in Central America, and is being heralded by the international press as an instant icon.

The museum’s galleries celebrate Panama’s unique geological history as the land bridge between North and South America and the extraordinary variety of animal and plant life that thrives there. RLMG collaborated with the museum’s exhibit designers as well as scientific advisors from the Smithsonian Institution’s Tropical Research Institute.

Among the highlights of RLMG’s media pieces:

The centerpiece of the museum is Panamarama, an immersive 10-screen theater that takes visitors on a visually-stunning journey through Panama’s colorful ecosystems, from coral reef to mountain summit to rainforest. Immense projections on three walls, the ceiling and glass floor, surround the visitor with dramatic footage all edited to a original soundtrack composed entirely from natural sounds. To accomplish the production of this piece, RLMG designed a five-camera rig using state-of-the-art RED cameras.

Great Biotic Interchange Animation
Visitors stand in front of a 104-inch screen coming face-to-face with a giant glyptodon, a now-extinct type of armadillo that was as tall as a human. For this exhibit, we created 3-D animation of extinct animals that traveled across the land bridge of the Isthmus of Panama when it rose from the sea 3 million years ago.

Worlds Collide Interactive and Soundscape
The Worlds Collide Gallery tells the story of the species that met when Panama’s land bridge was completed. Visitors move amidst bold white life-sized sculptures of more than 100 animals, including some that are now extinct. Our interactive allows the visitor to see what that animal looks like in a color illustration and provides ways to explore the multiple connections between species. At the same time, a seven-track audioscape brings the sculptures to life, reaching a high point with a stampede of wild animals.

Human Path Soundscape
Humans have lived in Panama for more than 12,000 years. The Human Path gallery represents four distinct eras in Panamanian culture. To accompany the exhibit graphics, RLMG commissioned an original composition by Grammy-award winning musician Danilo Perez. The composition was designed to work both as four different pieces and as one unified whole.

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Project Details
  • Client: Biomuseo
  • Location: Panama City, Panama
  • Project type: Video, Touchscreen interactive, Soundscape
  • Date: October 2014
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