Health Happens Here

The California Museum / Sacramento, CA

For Health Happens Here, a community health exhibit at The California Museum, RLMG designed and produced a suite of eight interconnected game programs, allowing visitors to create a unique login at exhibit entry and accumulate points by engaging with interactive experiences throughout the museum.

The activities were geared toward a 10-15 year old audience, and first and foremost, they were designed to be fun. The more the games hold a teenagers’ interest, the more they will learn about health topics such as nutrition, bullying, social behavior, and how a person’s community can affect his or her health.

Examples include Heads Up, an experience that engages not only the mind, but the entire body. In this game, the player moves their body to collect items that are good for a community (swimming pool, library, fresh fruit) while batting away potential bad items (drugs, guns, abandoned buildings). Movements are tracked using a standard Kinect system and the user’s shadow is projected onto the wall in real time.

A nearby station, Stop the Drop, uses a fast-paced 3D game format where the player catches virtual kids who fall while climbing to adulthood by sliding safety nets beneath them. These safety nets represent a variety of social institutions that can help keep kids on the right track: health care, after school programs, transportation, and more.

At the end, visitors can donate their points to a community health organization of their choice, in the form of real money allocated by the California Endowment, thereby affecting real change in their community. Each year a different set of organizations are selected by the California Endowment to be included on the list.

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With the exhibition relying almost entirely on computer-based interactives to convey its messages, it was essential that those interactives be both user-friendly and content-rich, and that is exactly what RLMG delivered. We were so impressed by their expertise, creativity, and thoughtfulness in finding the best ways to deliver information through custom games and characters. And they actually made the development process fun!

— Amanda Meeker, Exhibits & Programs Director

Project Details
  • Client: The California Museum
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Project type: Touchscreen interactive, Gestural interactive
  • Date: October 2012