William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

National Postal Museum / Washington, DC

In September 2013, the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum unveiled its 12,000 square foot William H. Gross Gallery, the world’s largest gallery dedicated to philately. RLMG’s 14 media exhibits animate both the gallery and the museum’s historic lobby, bringing pivotal stories to life and providing visitors the opportunity to interact with the museum’s unparalleled collection.

Upon entering the elegant historic lobby, visitors encounter RLMG’s panoramic overview program that dramatizes the sweep of postal history in a dramatic setting: four large video walls positioned across an 84-foot span. A similarly captivating experience awaits at the entrance to the Gross Gallery: on 60 screens and lightboxes arched across the doorway, the wonder of the World of Stamps is revealed in a 3-minute, looping animation. Other media highlights include: interactive stations that allow visitors to collect and email their favorite stamps; a video that tells the story of the Inverted Jenny, philately’s most famous printing mistake; an interactive where visitors can explore Amelia Earhart’s personal album along with historic film clips, related artifacts, and contemporary interviews; and an interactive where visitors can design a stamp based on a personal photograph.

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Project Details
  • Client: National Postal Museum
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Project type: Video, Touchscreen interactive, Animation
  • Date: September 2013