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A Shared Story, a Unique City

Albuquerque Museum

Project Services

  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Animation
  • Original filming
  • Video production
Distinctive geography, rich history, and cultural diversity have made Albuquerque a truly original place. For Only in Albuquerque, RLMG created 24 custom media experiences that invite visitors to participate in the story of this fascinating city.


The Challenge

The Albuquerque Museum devoted years to crafting and refining a permanent exhibition about the history and culture of their unique city. By the community and for the community, this project was a labor of love. Our challenge was to capture and share this enthusiasm in experiences as vibrant and dynamic as the city and its people.

Our Approach

In collaboration with the museum team, we focused on opportunities to connect visitors to the museum’s big ideas and collections in playful and poignant ways.



An eight-screen media wall honors Albuquerque’s proud traditions of creativity and craftsmanship. Visitors design their own quilt using images of art and history from the museum’s collection. The digital quilts can be turned into a t-shirt or coffee mug at the gift shop.

For a series of mini-theaters, RLMG created several  distinct film concepts and corresponding screen designs. A fast-paced panoramic film follows Albuquerque’s culture of innovation; the traditions that unite “Burqueños” unfold on a four-screen grid; and a profile  of the last of the 29 Navajo code-talkers from World War II is shared in a large, single-screen display.

Other highlights include Storybook stations where 3D animated characters bring artifacts to life for younger visitors; a nostalgic experience where visitors browse a set of historic postcards from Route 66 in the early 20th century, and send a digital copy to a friend; a creative opportunity to explore and design a repostero, or family shield; and a CMS-driven digital sign that provides a beautiful and flexible platform for the museum to share news with their visitors.

The Design Minds