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Exploring the life of the river

Robins Nature Center at Maymont

Project Services

  • Concept development
  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • 3D modeling/animation
  • Illustration
At Maymont’s Robins Nature Center, RLMG’s digital interactive experiences bring the animals of the James River to life in both playful, and scientifically-accurate ways.


Through a collaboration with Maymont, Main Street Design, and Digital Life, RLMG turned three-dimensional digital animals, created from precise scans of live animals in Maymont’s living collection, into responsive elements in beautiful virtual habitats.

At the James Riverscape, a large digital underwater scene, viewers are invited to see what happens when they quietly observe. Stand still in front of the scene and a curious creature such as a native fish, a river otter, or a turtle will approach and circle. But be aware! Move too quickly and it will swim away.

Main Street Design
Building Four Fabrication




At the Digital Pools, visitors discover the smaller flora and fauna that live in shallow pools along the James River. Playfully animated species are integrated into illustrated environments, almost like a hidden-picture puzzle. As visitors touch them, fun facts appear, paired with photographs, video clips and short audio clips. Visitors leave with a deeper understanding of these pools, along with the plants and animals that live there.