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Biomuseo, Panama

Project Services

  • Experience design
  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Original filming
  • Video production
The BioMuseo is an experiential tribute to the abundance and variety of life in Panama. With 13 custom media experiences in 5 galleries, RLMG transports visitors to the heart of Panama’s natural world, encouraging them to explore it, and inspiring them to protect it.


The Challenge

Designed by Gehry Partners, the BioMuseo presents Panama as the link between North and South America and the bridge that connects those diverse and dynamic ecosystems. This positioning is evident in both the architecture of the building and the development of visitor experience. As the lead media partner, RLMG was challenged to create media experiences that engage visitors as more than just viewers, but as partners in the story.

Our Approach

As living things, we’re constantly in a sensory exchange with the life around us. RLMG set out to amplify this inherent dialogue, creating opportunities for closer observation, shared appreciation and more instinctive understanding of biodiversity. Drawing upon the seductive qualities of high resolution imagery and customized musical composition, we worked with the team at BioMuseo to create 13 fully integrated installations in 5 galleries that fuse hyper-realism with artful interpretation. The result is a vibrant and evolving tapestry of life in Panama.


Panamarama is the pinnacle example of our approach. Upon entering the gallery, visitors are surrounded by imagery on all planes (floor, ceiling and adjoining walls).

With exaggerated shifts of scale and perspective, 10 large-scale projections move through a breathtaking portrayal of Panama’s diverse ecosystems, from ocean depths to cloud forests, all captured in the field using five ultra high-definition cameras. A 10-channel soundscape is composed entirely of natural sounds, energetically driving the narrative of the imagery.

World’s Collide combines life-sized sculptural installations with interactive touchscreens where visitors explore Panama’s wildlife from past and present.

Human Path takes visitors on a journey through time in an outdoor installation with an accompanying musical composition by the Grammy-award winning artist Danilo Perez.

Gehry Partners
Blue Rhino Studio


New York Times: "Biomuseo Showcases Panama’s Ecological Diversity"

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