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Making Health Happen

The California Museum

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • 3D modeling/animation
  • Game development
  • Gesture recognition
When it comes to staying healthy, it takes a village. For the California Museum’s exhibition, Health Happens Here, RLMG created a suite of 9 media experiences that engage visitors in the broader issues, like neighborhoods, schools and prevention, that affect our health.


The Challenge

The California Museum, in partnership with the California Endowment, had the bold vision to look beyond individual choices and behaviors and explore how communities and environments affect our health. To help fulfill this vision, they asked RLMG to create an interactive journey that would transform the gallery experience into meaningful action with tangible community impacts.

Our Approach

A network of factors determines how well we live. RLMG wanted to create interactions that reflect the relationships and decisions we encounter every day and enhance visitors’ ability to navigate them.

Visitors start by creating a unique profile. At 9 different stations, they engage with games and challenges about familiar health topics like nutrition, bullying, and social behavior. At each station, they accumulate points. At the end of their visit, points are converted into real money matched by the California Endowment, and visitors can make a donation to a community health organization of their choice.


For Heads Up, we created a full-body experience using motion-tracking software. Users weigh the effects of different items on the health of a community by collecting good things (swimming pool, library, fresh fruit) and pushing away potentially bad things (drugs, guns, abandoned buildings).

At Stop the Drop, visitors pair support systems like health care, after school programs, and transportation, with the kids who need them in a fast-paced game format.

At Peacekeeper, issues related to bullying are addressed in a scenario-based game.

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