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Nature Transformed

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital

Project Services

  • Concept development
  • Video production
RLMG created a life-sized, interactive forest for Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital that captures the magic of transformation in nature.


On a 70-foot wall, a panoramic image depicts a forest changing through the seasons. Several of the trees have small knot holes positioned at just the right height for young children. As they peer inside, their curiosity is rewarded with one of several time-lapse videos depicting transformation in nature: tadpoles growing into frogs, flowers blossoming on their stems, a caterpillar spinning into a chrysalis and emerging a butterfly.

Users can interact with the videos using a dial embedded in the wall. Spinning the dial in either direction controls the speed and direction of video playback – forward, backward, fast, or slow. Compelling in its simplicity, children and adults alike are drawn into captivating details like the individual flap of a bird’s wing, or an entire landscape changing from summer to winter and back again in seconds.

Selbert Perkins Design