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Space Exploration on Earth

NASA Glenn Visitor Center

Project Services

  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Video production
  • Gesture recognition
NASA’s Glenn Research Center has made critical contributions to air and space technology since its founding in 1941. For their Visitor Center, housed in Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center, RLMG helped to share the GRC’s important work with the public.


The Visitor Center underwent a major renovation in 2012-13. As part of that effort, RLMG produced 16 custom media pieces, including an immersive welcome experience that introduces visitors to the museum’s core content themes. Using motion sensors and a 16-ft. wide, interactive floor projection, the experience cycles through four different modes: space, technology, biomedical research, and the Great Lakes. Each mode presents a different activity; in Space mode, stars trail visitors’ feet as they walk or run; in Biomedical mode, visitors destroy infectious microbes by stomping on them. Playful and intuitive, these activities encourage collaboration and shared enjoyment.

Other highlights include informative, large-scale videos that showcase NASA and the GRC’s current missions and areas of research; an interactive that recreates the explosive work of NASA Glenn’s Ballistic Impact Lab; and an imaginative activity where visitors design their own interplanetary mission.