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The Last American Dinosaurs

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Project Services

  • Graphic/visual design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Original filming
  • Video production
While their National Fossil Hall was closed for renovations, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History engaged RLMG to produce original media content for a special temporary exhibition – The Last American Dinosaurs.


Through highly customized videos and interactive experiences, RLMG provided visitors with a focused look at the Museum’s collection and recent discoveries.

In What Makes an Ecosystem?, a dynamic on-screen presenter interacts with animated animals, plants, and bacteria to explain prehistoric ecosystems. Using a cast of characters including the beloved T. Rex and Triceratops, the presenter visualizes the prehistoric cycle of life beginning with energy from the sun.

The Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota is famous for its fossils from the Cretaceous period. The NMNH team traveled to Hell Creek in 2013 to collect fossils for their collection. We produced a video to showcase the tools and methods used to excavate these remains, and spotlight each scientist’s favorite part of a dig.

In another illuminating video piece, RLMG visualized the time that has passed between the Cretaceous period and the present day – almost 66 million years! Hands open and close on the screen. Each “flash” of the hands represents one year. It would take one person over two years to open and close their hands 66 million times.