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Unity, Advocacy, Activism

California Museum

Project Services

  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Gesture recognition
  • CMS development
The California Museum’s Unity Center celebrates the state’s diverse people, customs, and culture. For the Center’s grand opening, RLMG created four interactive experiences that address civil rights issues and empower visitors to act on behalf of their own rights and the rights of others.


Proud to Be Me is a large-scale intro experience that celebrates visitors’ individuality through artful expression and full-body engagement. At a touchscreen, visitors select images that represent who they are; they then step in front of a large projection wall. As they move, their shadow appears as a dynamic pattern made from their chosen images. Visitors are encouraged to express themselves through movement. Their choreography is recorded and displayed with the movements and imagery of other visitors.

At Courage to Act, visitors watch animated scenarios of bullying and hate speech. Using interactive stations, they hear the inner dialogue of selected characters and learn how bystanders have the most power to influence positive outcomes.

Other experiences include a series of long artifact tables with seven integrated touchscreens showing historical examples of activism, and a photo station inviting visitors to hold up signs saying how they plan to take action toward unity, tolerance, and social change. The photos are incorporated into a large wall graphic.

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