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What’s Your Story?

History Center Colorado

Project Services

  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • Graphic/visual design
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
After having done the media for the museum’s core history exhibits, History Center Colorado turned to RLMG once again to help create What’s Your Story?, a permanent exhibit that empowers youth and embraces social justice. RLMG’s interactives and dynamic displays inspire middle and high schoolers to explore and share how they can make an impact in their communities and Colorado.


At What’s Your Superpower? Visitors take a buzz-feed style quiz to find out what their power is—curiosity, empathy, determination, creativity, or other positive characteristics that they can use to make a difference.

At Find Your Spark, visitors share what is important to them by choosing an issue they care about, such as the outdoors, helping others, entrepreneurship, etc., then responding to a prompt to briefly describe why. They can take a photo of themselves and share their image and words to a media wall where they see themselves alongside other visitors and Coloradan leaders.

The museum’s vast poster collection comes alive as visitors Make a poster (to make change). At this interactive, visitors share a message about something they care about by creating an original poster and adding it to a display of 75 other posters from 150 years of Colorado history.